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10 Sovereign Deluxe Box Sets The Sovereign deluxe box sets are on many a woodturner’s wish list. These beautifully designed and hugely popular sets appeal to beginners and experienced woodturners alike. Sovereign enthusiasts will be aware of the system’s flexibility which is enhanced in these sets with the addition of the imaginative and economical 4” handle extension. This simple but highly practical inclusion means that fully extended the turner can quickly increase handle length to 17”. This versatility allows for comfortable close-work using the 12” handle whilst providing the resourceful extension for larger projects that may call for greater control. Pleas page e see 18 handl for detail e s SOV 12” 12" 17" SOV 12” SOV-TC SOV-67DBS - SOVEREIGN 6 PIECE TURNING TOOL SET Everything a woodturner could want from a starter kit. This set contains the same tools as the ever popular 67HS but with additional benefits afforded by the Sovereign handle extension. Set includes: ¾” spindle roughing gouge, 3 / 8 ” spindle gouge, 3 / 8 ” bowl gouge, ¾” standard skew chisel, 1 / 8 ” standard parting tool, ½ round nose scraper, 12” Sovereign handle, 4” Sovereign extension, Sovereign 3 / 8 ”, ½” and Tang collets, Sovereign threaded coupler, 600 grit diamond honing card, Focus on Starting out Woodturning DVD. SOV-3370DBS - SOVEREIGN SPIRALLING AND TEXTURING TOOL SET Create beautiful textured shapes in any woodturning project with this incredible set. Features both the full size and modular micro systems to deliver a multitude of decorative shapes and patterns. An absolute must for those wanting to add finesse to a project. Set includes: Unhandled Spiralling System (330S), Texturing cutter, Spiralling cutters 2mm, 4mm and 6mm pitches, Unhandled Modular Micro Spiralling Tool (370/0), 2 micro spiralling cutters and a micro texturing cutter, Modular Micro Handle, 12” Sovereign handle, 4” Sovereign extension, Sovereign 1 / 2 ” collet, Sovereign threaded coupler, 600 grit diamond honing card, Focus on Decorative Techniques DVD. SOV-EXT