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18 System The Robert Sorby Sovereign is a beautifully engineered and ergonomically designed interchangeable handle system that not only looks good but has the perfect feel and balance. Its Softex nonslip grip provides excellent comfort and stability making it ideal for larger projects as well as the intricacies demanded of smaller ones. A range of accessories add to its versatility providing additional grip, steadiness, weight distribution, extended handle size and enormous tool choice. Four easily interchangeable collets allow for the majority of the Robert Sorby range to fit into this flexible system. Tools with a 5/8” shank don’t require a collet and fit directly into the handle. The Sovereign handle is available in three sizes designed to couple together to provide the woodturner with a variety of alternative sizes The Robert Sorby Sovereign System offers the woodturner unrivalled flexibility. This picture demonstrates how quick and easy it is to extend handles. This example shows the popular 12” handle extended to 17” when coupled with the 4” extension. The vast majority of Robert Sorby tools are now available for the Sovereign system and are shown with an S icon throughout the catalogue. The table below indicates on which pages the tools can be found and the opposite page highlights which collet is required for each specific tool. Tool Page Number Tool Page Number Gouges 4 and 5 Decorating Tools 30 Scrapers 6 and 7 Hollowing 20, 22, 23 and 24 Parting Tools 5 and 6 TurnMaster 12 SOV-22 (22” HANDLE) Designed for turners who enjoy working further away from the project it is particularly useful for deep hollow forms and is a favourite with those who use the Sovereign Ultima – the extra long handle providing fantastic support. SOV-22S As well as the handle only option, the SOV-22S comes with the addition of two collets (SOV-C10 and SOV-C13). For more information see page 19 SOV-16 (16” HANDLE) This handle is equally at home providing added comfort when stretching to the bottom of long vases or adding that stability often required with many turning techniques. Its length provides that added leverage and additional support. Probably the most popular Sovereign handle. SOV-16S As well as the handle only option, the SOV-16S comes with the addition of two collets (SOV-C10 and SOV-C13). For more information see page 19 SOV-12 (12” HANDLE) The newest of the Sovereign handles. At 12” this handle size delivers control at close range making it ideal for smaller projects. SOV-12S As well as the handle only option, the SOV-12S comes with the addition of two collets (SOV-C10 and SOV-CT). For more information see page 19 SOV-22 22” Handle SOV-16 16” Handle SOV-12 12” Handle