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Accessories 19 Four collets ensure the different shank sizes and shapes of unhandled tools fit easily and securely into the Sovereign handle. Tools marked with an S on pages 4 – 7 are available for the Sovereign System. See also page 12 for TurnMaster, page 24 for Multi-Tip Hollowing Tools, page 25 for RS2000 Deep Hollowing Tools and page 30 for spiralling and texturing fits for the system. SOV-CT SOVEREIGN TANG COLLET ADAPTOR SOV-TC Â�SOVEREIGN THREADED COUPLER The SOV-CT ensures a firm fit for our many flat tang tools. Tools that fit this collet include square end scrapers, hardwood scrapers, round nose scrapers, diamond / side scrapers, curved scrapers and box scrapers, oval and standard skews, the standard and fluted parting tools and the spindle and continental roughing gouges. The Sovereign Threaded Coupler. This handy accessory allows the turner to easily customise handle length. Use to join handles together. SOV-TC SOV-CT Tang Collet SOV-C06 SOVEREIGN COLLET ADAPTOR 1 / 4 ” The SOV-C06 has the narrowest aperture and is suitable for the 1 / 4 ” Spindle gouge There are also a few tools that require no collet and fit directly into 5 / 8 ” shank end of the Sovereign handle. Among these are the 1 / 2 ” and ¾” bowl gouges, the 1 / 2 ” fingernail bowl gouge and the extra long multi tip hollowing tool. SOV-SH SOVEREIGN SIDE HANDLE The Sovereign Side Handle delivers that extra stability by providing a horizontal screw-in appendage. The machined knurled pattern provides additional grip. SOV-SH SOV-C06 1 / 4 ” Collet SOV-C10 SOVEREIGN COLLET ADAPTOR 3 / 8 ” The SOV-C10 presents a 3 / 8 ” aperture making a fast hold for 1 / 4 ” bowl gouges and fingernail bowl gouges. It also matches 1 / 4 ” spindle gouges, fingernail spindle gouges and long and strong spindle gouges. SOV-CW SOVEREIGN COUNTER WEIGHT The Sovereign Counter Weight is a useful accessory to vary weight balance in the handle. Unscrew the end cap and insert into the hollow shaft of the handle. SOV-CW SOV-C10 3 / 8 ” Collet SOV-C13 SOVEREIGN COLLET ADAPTOR 1 / 2 ” SOV-EXT SOVEREIGN EXTENSION The SOV-C13 has the widest aperture for tools made from round section at 1 / 2 ” and is perfectly aligned to take 3 / 8 ”Â�bowl gouges and fingernail bowl gouges, the 1 / 2 ”Â�spindle gouge, fingernail spindle gouge and the long and strong spindle gouge as well as the TurnMaster which can be seen on page 12. The Spiralling System and Texturing Tool on page 30 also use this collet. The Sovereign Extension is a useful addition to the range of accessories. Custom-made during the development of the new Sovereign sets (see page 10). This 4” extension adds length to any Sovereign handle. NOTE: a threaded coupler is required. SOV-C13 1 / 2 ” Collet Ref Description SOV-CT Collet Adaptor Flat Tang SOV-C06 Collet Adaptor SOV-C10 Collet Adaptor SOV-C13 Collet Adaptor SOV-TC Threaded Coupler SOV-SH Side Handle SOV-CW Counterweight SOV-EXT Handle Extension 4” - 102mm Size 1 / 4 ” (6mm) 3 / 8 ” (10mm) 1 / 2 ” (13mm) SOV-EXT