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22 Click your mouse once on page to zoom in Swivel-tip Probes As the name of these woodturing tools suggests, Robert Sorby’s swivel tip probes make an ideal tool choice for accessing and turning out those small apertures and restricted openings commonly associated with the turning of vases and deep vessels. Click your mouse again on page to zoom out 8803H 8803H Three variations of probe offer the woodturner differing reach and access opportunities. The largest model (8803H) offers the additional advantage of having an articulated head to improve access when hollowing- out even the most demanding woodturning projects. 8802H 8802H Each of the three sizes offers a different combination of cutting tip suitable for a range of turning tasks; 8801H making these tools ideal for the rapid removal of Ref Length Min. Aperture Max. Project stock, general profiling, shaping and even fine 8801H 20” 1 / 2 ” 5 1 / 2 ” finishing work on side and end grain. Cutter Fitted 851C - General purpose 8802H 24” 5 / 8 ” 7” RS232C - Bullet for rapid stock removal RS233C - Ball-end for delicate shaping 8803H 28” 1” 9” RS211C - Curved for general profiling �RS212C - Side cut for parallel sided projects and rapid stock removal �RS213C - Large Tear- drop Shear Scraper for fine finishing Hollowmaster The Hollowmaster is the perfect complement to the Multi Tip Hollowing Tool. It uses the same unique design of a meaty ¾” flat shank which when laid on the tool rest gives ample support to prevent the tool from being turned over by the rotation of the wood. You are not fighting the laws of nature, but removing wood with ease. Its swan neck design means that the Hollowmaster can reach those spots which are often difficult to reach. Like the Multi Tip Hollowing Tool, the Hollowmaster also has interchangeable tips. For hollowing there is a rounded tip to give a nice sweeping curve in the turned vessel and for fine finishing there is a full round scraper cutter. Both tips are simply sharpened by means of a diamond hone or file. Replacement tips are readily available. Ref Overall Length RS230KT S U SOV-RS230 RS230C Handle Length 21” 14” - - RS211C Round-end Swivel Tip RS230C Full Round Scraper Cutter RS211GC Excelsior Round End Cutter RS230GC Excelsior Round Scraper Cutter i