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Click your mouse once on page to zoom in Midi Hollowmaster As with the Multi Tip Hollowing Tool, there is a scaled down version of the Hollowmaster – the midi Hollowmaster (ref RS130KT) – which is both shorter and has a 1 / 2 ” shank making it ideal for miniature hollowing projects. • Swan neck design for easy access • �Swivel clamp enables additional under shoulder • 1 / 2 ” flat shank gives added stability • �Comes with one hollowing cutter (RS111C) and finishing scraper cutter (RS130C) Ref Overall Length Handle Length RS130KT 18 1 / 2 ” 10” RS111C Midi Round Tip RS130C Midi Round Cutter S U SOV-RS130 - - RS130KT Tip Holder The Tip Holder (ref 472 ) is an extremely usefull and inexpensive sharpening accessory. Being double ended it allows the turner to hold comfortably almost every Robert Sorby tool tip without the fear of catching fingers on a sharpening belt or a grinding wheel. Please note: This is not the same tip holder as used with the TurnMaster on pages 12 and 13. This useful addition can be used to hold an array of cutters – See pages 24 and 26. 472 Click your mouse again on page to zoom out 23