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Indexing and Precision Boring 31 The unique Robert Sorby Universal Indexing System (763) allows the turner to accurately divide and locate the workpiece in one of 24 positions. This is a datum point from which a whole host of patterns can be created. • Precise locking of the workpiece allows for accurate boring or carving • An innovative Indexing System, not dependent on a chuck • Supplied with full instructions • Available in sizes to fit most popular lathes Ref Description 763 * Indexing System * State spindle diameter 763 INLAYING Inlaying adds character. A Precision Boring System (765) is used in conjunction with the Indexing System for accurate hole boring in work pieces. Pre-bored hardened steel inserts are available in metric – 6, 9 and 12mm – or inch sizes – 1 / 4 ” , 3 / 8 ” and 1 / 2 ”. Corresponding HSS brad point bits ensure total accuracy when drilling. • For use in conjunction with the Indexing System • Full instructions supplied • �State tool post and stem size when ordering, either 1 / 2 ” , 5 / 8 ” , 3 / 4 ” , 1”, 25mm or 30mm 765 Ref Description 765 Precision Boring System metric 765-I Precision Boring System inches See page 37 for more information on stems. For further project ideas see the Robert Sorby ‘Focus on Decorative Techniques’ DVD (RSDVDDT). Pomander courtesy of Gary Rance i Finishing Collection SANDMASTER The Sandmaster is an essential part of every turner’s tool kit. 410 • �It comes with 5 different grits of abrasive to take even the roughest projects to a glass-like finish every time. • �It avoids an uneven finish often associated with hand sanding and there is no danger of catching hands on the revolving project. • �There is little or no surface damage/head build-up, as there is with power sanding and there is no cable to trip over. For those producing work in miniature we also offer a handy micro sandmaster (ref. 888SM) which is depicted on page 17. • �Head articulates to access even the most difficult areas. Ref • �Sponge head is ideal for working in tight spaces. Optional Extras - Sponge Pads • �Sandmaster creates a fraction of the dust generated by power sanding. • It can be adapted to take a polishing mop. i Overall length Handle length 410 Sandmaster 11 1 / 2 ” 8 1 / 2 ” 412 2” Diameter 412T 3” Diameter Produced from a fine grade of cotton these deluxe mops have been made to deliver the ultimate finish. They are used after sanding to buff oil, lacquer and wax finishes to a lustrous sheen. Mops are fixed to the Sandmaster using the pigtail mandrel. 2” Diameter Tapered 413 GOBLET AND BOWL MOPS Velcro Sanding Discs (pack - 10 of one grit) 412A 2” Discs- 60, 120, 180, 240, 400 grit 413A 3” Discs- 60, 120, 180, 240, 400 grit Ref 492 493 494 491 412 2”Diameter 412T 2”Diameter Tapered 413 3”Diameter Description 2” Goblet Mop 3” Bowl Mop 4” Bowl Mop Pigtail Mandrel 493 3” Bowl Mop 492 2” Goblet Mop