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32 Woodturners’ Dimensioning Tools A collection of tools designed for the woodturner to measure wall thicknesses, internal and external dimensions. THREADING AND SIZING GAUGE Ideal for box-makers, this gauge takes all the guess-work out of fitting the major and minor diameters of pieces. With the gauge set at the unmarked anvil this creates a 1:1 correlation between the measuring faces and facilitates accurate push fits. The other three anvils are marked 10,16 and 20 which relates to the tpi most commonly used by thread cutters. The gauge has a built-in compensation factor to ensure a perfect thread between internal and external diameters every time. *5” 973 Threading and Sizing Gauge 9725 2 1 / 2 ” Vessel Calliper 9750 9750 5” Vessel Calliper Note: * all calliper sizes denote the measurement from the pivot point to the tip. VESSEL CALLIPERS 973 These vessel callipers are designed for internal and thin-wall dimensioning. The straight arm is especially useful for accessing narrow vessels. Sizes can be read at either end. Available in 21/2”, 5” and 10” models. 9710 10” Vessel Calliper DOUBLE-ENDED CALLIPERS Ref Description 973 Threading and Sizing Gauge 9725 2 1 / 2 ” Vessel Calliper 9750 5” Vessel Calliper 9710 10” Vessel Calliper 974 4” Double-ended Calliper 977 7” Double-ended Calliper 976 6” Inside/outside Calliper 9785 8 1 / 2 ” Inside/outside Calliper 970 Sizing Tool These are an indispensable addition to the turner’s armoury for measuring both wall thickness and diameters. Because of their design the measurement taken at one end automatically transfers to the opposite end. This enables the turners to take an accurate measurement reading without the need to remove the callipers. Available in 4” and 7” models. The 7” version has an increased depth of throat at one end which permits the callipers to be used in large diameter vessels which have restricted openings. 974 4” Double-ended Calliper INSIDE / OUTSIDE CALLIPERS The design of these callipers allows not only the measurement of wall thickness but also inside dimensions like the size of an aperture. As with double ended callipers the measurement at one end automatically transfers to the opposite. Available in 6” and 8 1 / 2 ” models. Sizing tool shown with the beading and parting tool (see page 6). 977 7” Double-ended Calliper SIZING TOOL The Sizing Tool is used in conjunction with a parting tool to obtain accurate and consistent diameters up to 3 inches on spindlework. It fits either the Robert Sorby 3 / 8 ” beading and parting tool or bedan. The two thumb screws lock the sizing tool firmly in place. 976 6” Inside/outside Calliper 9750 9785 8 1 / 2 ” Inside/outside Calliper 970 Sizing Tool