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Click your mouse once on page to zoom in Patriot Chuck Click your mouse again on page to zoom out ZERO JAWS LONG NOSE JAWS Made from high quality nylon, these jaws can be shaped using normal woodturning tools to suit any project time and time again. Designed for fine detailed and miniature pieces, these jaws close completely together hence the name. The dome shape allows for working very close to the project. Projects can also be supported internally without marking the wood. Ref Description Ref Description Ref Description RSJLN RSJC RSJZ Rough turned bowls can be remounted internally with the reach of almost 4” of these jaws. Extra access to the back of a turned piece is acquired due to the tapered shape and the dovetail being 2” away from the chuck body. Long Nose Jaws CUSTOM JAWS Custom Jaws Zero Jaws WOBBLE CHUCK 4 1 / 4 ” (108mm) JAWS PEN JAWS Large bowls and platters over 16” diameter can be turned due to the much bigger spigot or recess this set of jaws allows These Jaws will hold your pen blank central so you can drill on the lathe. Designed to fit a Robert Sorby Patriot chuck and Supernova chuck. The wobble chuck gives the turner the opportunity to experiment with a multitude of off-set turning techniques. This fun addition to the Patriot chuck is designed to fit neatly in the standard 2” (50mm) jaws and is great for creating quirky trinket boxes, off-set goblets and ornamental spoons. Ref Description Ref Description Ref Description RSJPEN RSWC RSJ5 4 1 / 4 ” (108mm) Jaws Pen Jaws Wobble Chuck STEB DRIVE An inexpensive mini screw chuck suitable for miniature projects that fits into the jaws of the Patriot woodturning chuck DRIVE CENTRE A simple but very effective 4 prong drive centre that fits directly into the jaws of the chuck. Held securely by the jaws of the Patriot chuck, the Steb Drive ensures an unrivalled grip on any wood. It uses the same innovative head design as the original Stebcentre holding the wood securely with its forward facing serrated teeth and spring loaded centre pin. Ref Description Ref Description Ref Description 649 RSPDC STBCHUCK13 STBCHUCK STBCHUCK32 MINI SCREW CHUCK Mini Screw Chuck Drive Centre Steb Drive 1 / 2 ” Steb Drive 7 / 8 ” Steb Drive 1 1 / 4 ” 35