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Abrasive Sharpening Belts 51 Much more practical and a lot less expensive than wheels, abrasive belts are available in a range of materials and grits. The range has been designed to provide the perfect materials with which to maintain and enhance the cutting edge of practically any edge tool. Use finer grits to sharpen regularly and to produce polished, sharp cutting edges and heavier grits for re-profiling and smoothing out damaged material. TRIZACT Perhaps our most popular range of belts this robust material is designed to handle the demands of all steels. Not strictly ‘grit sizes’ these belts are built using brick and pyramid abrasive shaping. The highest 3000 ‘grit’ size will sharpen to two microns (the same sharpness as a disposable razor blade) and provide a factory finish on all steels. PE600T PE1200T PE60A PE120A PE3000T ALUMINIUM OXIDE This common abrasive is designed primarily to sharpen carbon steel bench chisels, carving tools and plane irons, but will also sharpen harder High Speed Steel tools. Material longevity is at the lower end of the abrasives scale we use on our belts, but makes an excellent economical choice. Work your way through grit sizes (heavier grits for the removal of bulk) to achieve a fine finish with our 240 grit belt. u * PE240A * ZIRCONIUM Designed for HSS tools, drill and router bits this material provides good value. The 60 grit belt will tackle the most damaged surface. Use the 120 to provide a rewarding cutting edge and finish PE60Z u * PE120Z CERAMIC This hardwearing material is a great choice for profiling and re-profiling damaged tools. The heavier 60 grit option is an efficient choice for removing plenty of material, while the finer 120 grit will provide a satisfying finish. Great longevity and highly practical. PE60C PE120C DIAMOND Diamond belts offer the pinnacle in abrasive technology, providing durability and flexibility. Diamond particles are precisely graded to give a long-life solution and are excellent for sharpening the most difficult of materials. They also provide a great all-round alternative and are suitable for any material Ref Description Grit size PE60A Aluminium Oxide 60 PE120A Aluminium Oxide 120 u * PE240A Aluminium Oxide 240 * PE60Z Zirconium 60 u * PE120Z Zirconium 120 PE60C Ceramic 60 PE120C Ceramic 120 PE600T Trizact 600 PE1200T Trizact 1200 PE3000T Trizact 3000 PEDIA Diamond Belt - One of each item marked u is included in the ProEdge System One of each item marked * is included in the ProEdge Deluxe System. PE DIA This lightweight cabinet accompanies the ProEdge sharpening system. Ideal for workshops and sheds this space-saving storage unit means you can keep all your equipment in one easily accessible place. Cabinet size: 35” height x 18” depth x 19” width PECAB