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52 Jigs and Accessories The Robert Sorby ProEdge sharpening system is supported by a fantastic range of jigs and accessories that will sharpen tools and knives of practically every description quickly, accurately and without fuss. PESPC - SHORT TOOL PLATFORM PESKEW - SKEW JIG * For accurate sharpening of woodturning skew chisels. Ideal for short blades PEFPARM PEFPBOSS 472 - CUTTER HOLDER Holds tips and cutters securely allowing easy sharpening of small and difficult to grasp attachments. See page 23. PEFPKIT - FINGERNAIL PROFILING KIT * The fingernail profiling kit is ideal for shaping those perfect fingernail sweeps on bowl and spindle gouges. This set contains the arm and the boss but both items are available individually. PEVB - STANDARD GOUGE JIG * Allows easy sharpening of all standard ground woodturning gouges and carving chisels. RSTM-TH - TURNMASTER TIP HOLDER No more ground finger ends, just bolt on your tips to aid with sharpening. See page 12. PEARBOR PEHONEKIT - HONINGâ•‹KIT PEBOND This kit uses the abrasive honing wheel which can be shaped to allow for honing of gouge flutes - especially useful for woodcarving tools. Items also available individually. PEMOP PESQ - WOODWORKING CHISEL JIG Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any wood working chisel. PEPIG 475 PEBUFFKIT - BUFFING KIT This kit uses the buffing mop and honing paste to create a high polish on any steel. Items also available individually. PESQW - NEW WOODWORKERS’ SQUARE GUIDE The square guide raises the tool away from the tool platform. Using a set square or triangle adjust the bar to ensure a perfectly accurate position for sharpening all your chisels and plane blades Please note: the PESKEW, PEVB, PESQ and PESQW can be used with traditional grinding wheels when used in conjunction with 447 JAT adapter table seen on page 49. The Fingernail Profiler and Long Grind Jig can be also be used with grinding wheels (see page 49 for further details). * is included in the ProEdge Deluxe System