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Jigs and Accessories 53 PEKJIGL PEKJIGS & PEKJIGL - KNIFE SHARPENING KITS We offer two knife sharpening kits, the only difference between them is the size of the holder. The larger knife holder is ideal for hunting knives, carving knives and knives over 8” long. The small knife holder is ideal for pocket knives, vegetable knives and blades up to 8” long. Both holders can be adjusted using the collar on the arm to allow for steep and shallow sharpening bevels. Knife holders are also available separately (see below). Each kits contains a back plate, a raised wear plate, a universal arm and a knife holder. The kit comes with full instructions and an instructional video can be seen on Robert Sorby’s YouTube site. PEKHS - KNIFE HOLDER SMALL PEKHL - KNIFE HOLDER LARGE Available as an upgrade for the large knife jig. Available as an upgrade for the small knife jig. REPLACEMENT PARTS PEKWPLATE PETA PEWNUT PEPB PEBPLATE PROSET - PROSET Helps you achieve the exact bevel angle on any fingernail or long grind gouge when used in conjunction with the fingernail profiling arm. PELGJ - LONG GRIND JIG Helps you to create three different fingernail profiles (see page 49) . JIGS & ACCESSORIES Ref Description PEKJIGS Small Knife Jig PEKJIGL Large Knife Jig PESKEW Skew Jig * PEFPKIT Fingernail Profiling Kit * PEFPARM Profiling Arm PEFPBOSS Boss PEVB Standard Gouge Jig * PESQ Woodworking Chisel Jig PESQW �Woodworkers’ Square Guide PESPC Short Tool Platform with arm 472 Cutter Holder RSTM-TH Tip Holder PEHONEKIT Honing Kit PEARBOR Honing Wheel Arbor PEBOND Honing Wheel PEPIG Pigtail Mandrel Ref Description PEBUFFKIT Buffing Kit PEMOP Buffing Mop 475 Honing Paste PEKJIGS Knife Jig small PEKJIGL Knife Jig large PEKHS Knife Holder small PEKHL Knife Holder large PELGJ Long Grind Jig PROSET Proset * Included in ProEdge Deluxe System REPLACEMENT PARTS Ref Description PEBPLATE Backplate PEKWPLATE Knife Backplate PETA Table and Arm PEPB Pulley Bearings PEWNUT Guard Screws