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Click your mouse once on page to zoom in Click your mouse again on page to zoom out 9 82HS - EIGHT PIECE TURNING TOOL SET The most comprehensive of Robert Sorby’s full size sets. This eight piece deluxe set carries all the core tools a turner will need to accomplish many basic projects and more. It contains two sizes of spindle roughing gouge to accommodate varying sized projects and two scrapers (round and square); the round scraper is ideal for creating flowing curves and the square is perfect for finishing convex and flat bottomed forms. THE SET INCLUDES: 843H 3 / 4 ” Spindle roughing gouge - turns square to round, a real work horse 840H 1 / 4 ” Spindle gouge - details spindle work 840H 1 / 2 ” Spindle gouge - provides greater variety for engaging spindle work 842H 3 / 8 ” Bowl gouge - makes light work of the hardest material and will quickly turn bowls 810H 3 / 4 ” Standard skew chisel – modified slightly this year to provide a slightly ‘rolled’ edge to help guard against catching an edge, this tool still retains much of its weight making it an ideal choice for larger spindle work, such as newel posts and table legs 82HS 831H 3 / 16 ” Diamond parting tool – for parting off work and great for detailing 820H 1 / 2 ” Round nose scraper – just the job for bowls, platters and spindle work 823H 1” Square scraper – ideal for flat bottomed projects and can be easily re-profiled to suit the turner Note: For individual tools please see pages 4 - 7 5HSTLR - FIVE PIECE TURNING TOOL SET IN A LEATHER ROLL This beautifully crafted, hand stitched leather tool roll has been made with the finest hide. Sourced locally from Sheffield this item is ideal for carrying your tools to and from club and chapter meetings. A long lasting nylon strap and D ring make securing tools quick and easy. 6TROLL 5HSTLR A five piece tool set with Robert Sorby branded leather tool roll provides the turner with a ready to go first class set of tools and storage facility that will keep tools in top condition when travelling to club or chapter meetings. This set is the same as the 67HS but does not include the skew. The leather tool roll offers six pockets so turners can choose their own sixth tool. Comes with tool storage and protection advice. 843H 3 / 4 ” Spindle roughing gouge - turns square to round 840H 3 / 8 ” Spindle gouge - puts detail on spindles 842H 3 / 8 ” Bowl gouge - a must for anyone wanting to turn bowls 830H 1 / 8 ” Parting tool - for parting off work at the end and also adding detail 820H 1 / 2 ” Round nose scraper - just the job for bowls and platters Note: For individual tools please see pages 4 - 7 The Robert Sorby 52HS, 67HS and 82HS sets are presented in beautifully crafted boxes. These boxes are of the highest quality and make a striking visual impact especially if gifted as a present.